Blaine D. Teamer

United States of America

Blaine is the co-creator, producer and host of "The Afro-Existential Podcast," an interview series and audio play that is part of The Broadway Podcast Network. He is a playwright and author whose artistic language is steeped in cultural representation. He has had his work performed at New York Theatre Workshop, National Black Theatre, The Los Angeles Theatre Center, Directors Lab West and The National Black Theatre Festival, Capital Repertory Theater, and the New Play Summit. The current audio play production of his comedy, "Dead Wait: A Journey in Afro-Existentialism," is available on iTunes and other podcast platforms. Blaine earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Community Psychology from Antioch University.



I Am Orisha (2021)I Am Orisha (2021)

In this digital collage, Blaine D. Teamer of the United States invites us into the spiritual legacies of the transatlantic slave trade by drawing attention to Ara, the goddess of style, the maintainer of individuality and self-expression.

By Blaine D. Teamer

United States of America

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