Race Beyond Borders

  • 3 Seasons
  • 21 Episodes

At a time of growing attention to the present-day realities and legacies of anti-Black racism, Race Beyond Borders seeks to examine experiences of race and blackness in their full complexity across the world.

Season 3

Season Three of Race Beyond Borders explores the ideas, people, and places shaping the future of Blackness. Each episode examines different forces pushing and pulling Blackness in various directions. Throughout the season, we will draw on the voices of young people, creatives, academics and other thinkers to harvest insights about a range of possible futures.

Race Beyond Borders

The Future of BlacknessThe Future of Blackness

Nigel Richard, host of season 3 of Race Beyond Borders, talks with Black futurists Geci Karuri-Sebina and Rasheedah Phillips about the practice of futures thinking.

Race Beyond Borders

The Myth-Science of BlacknessThe Myth-Science of Blackness

London-based Zimbabwean new media artist Kumbirai Makumbe talks Black quantum futures, the multiplicity of Black experiences and how the digital sphere provides new territory on which to map the multiverse of Blackness, beyond the boundaries of Afrofuturism. 

Race Beyond Borders

Masquerading Blackness OnlineMasquerading Blackness Online

Author and journalist Morgan Jerkins breaks down the construction of Black identity on the internet drawing on her work investigating the ways in which Blackness can be co-opted online.

Race Beyond Borders

Mixed FeelingsMixed Feelings

Remi Adekoya, author of Biracial Britain, breaks down demographic trends, and corresponding shifts in the way Blackness is lived and expressed in the United Kingdom.

Race Beyond Borders

Young AfricaYoung Africa

"I find that listening to young people is like listening to the future,” Nigel says setting up this episode of Race Beyond Borders, which features the perspectives on the futures of race from young African people.

Race Beyond Borders

The Rhythm of RaceThe Rhythm of Race

Post-humanist thinker, philosopher and poet Bayo Akomolafe, reflects on the ways in which Blackness can be trapped in the rhythmic call and response with whiteness, and explores ways of reimagining Black experiences.

Race Beyond Borders

Wildcards: Racial Elimination and Racial ReassignmentWildcards: Racial Elimination and Racial Reassignment

On our season finale we examine “wildcards”, a term among futurists for seemingly improbable events that, if they were to happen, would set the trajectory for the future. The episode features two of such possibilities: the elimination of race and of widespread racial reassignment, deconstructed by assistant professor of English at the State University of New York in Oneonta Sheena Mason, and writer Jess Row.

Season 2

In Season Two, Race Beyond Borders explores race outside South Africa and the United States, in search of underexplored experiences of Blackness across the globe. Each episode spotlights a thinker-doer-creative who reflects on the political and the personal dimensions of Black life in their country. In charting the global African diaspora – from Italy to Iran, Martinique to Colombia, we will raise new questions about what it means to be Black beyond conventional notions.
Poetry is a new feature of the podcast. Using the format of Beverly Tatum’s “I Am From” exercise, each guest offers us a poetic window into their lived experience, conveying the sounds, sights, and sayings they associate with home. In it, there is a palpable intimacy and invitation to travel to the places that shaped them.

Race Beyond Borders

Crafting a Black Italian IdentityCrafting a Black Italian Identity

Season 2 of Race Beyond Borders begins with a moving conversation with Adama Sanneh, co-founder and CEO of the Moleskine Foundation. Sanneh walks us through his coming of age as a young Black man in an Italy plagued by cultural silences about blackness. Despite these difficulties, Sanneh embraces possibilities for the emergence of an expansive Black identity in Italy, one fashioned by those who embody it.

Race Beyond Borders

Decoloniality in MartiniqueDecoloniality in Martinique

In episode 2, we travel to Martinique, an overseas department of France and more importantly, the birthplace of Aimé Césaire and Frantz Fanon. Clinical psychologist and researcher Roseline Armange guides us into an exploration of the rich past and present of her people. In the conversation, she explains how Martinicans negotiate a complex relationship with mainland France while embracing a distinctive identity.

Race Beyond Borders

Colombia’s Politics of BlacknessColombia’s Politics of Blackness

In episode 3, guests Manuel Gutiérrez and Ana María González-Forero take us through the challenges and opportunities of Colombia’s complex multicultural heritage.

Race Beyond Borders

Iran: “Blackness is a Surprise”Iran: “Blackness is a Surprise”

Our guest, Priscillia Kounkou Hoveyda, founder of the Collective for Black Iranians, guides us through the emotional terrain of her country’s little-known Black experience.

Race Beyond Borders

Black Royalty and Joy in Latin AmericaBlack Royalty and Joy in Latin America

Miguel Valerio, our guest in this episode of Race Beyond Borders, invites us into a journey across Latin America – beginning in the Dominican Republic, all the way to Mexico. He reflects on his experiences of being read and raced differently across the region and becoming aware of who he is as a product of history. An historian of Black royalty in Mexico in the 1600s, Valerio draws connections between historical expressions of Black resistance, sovereignty and joy, and the formation of Mexico. In the episode, he discusses both this rich history and the ongoing struggles for Black political inclusion across Latin America.

Race Beyond Borders

Black Diaspora: From Bermuda to OceaniaBlack Diaspora: From Bermuda to Oceania

Pastel houses, pink sands and azure waters. In this episode of Race Beyond Borders, we journey to Bermuda, an island country that is also a British overseas territory. Our guest, award-winning historian Quito Swan, also takes us beyond his mid-Atlantic island home — to West Papua in Indonesia and to the global Black diaspora. Swan reflects on how the Black Pacific is a generative space for Black internationalism. In fact, he shows that an exploration of race and racialisation in Oceania both challenges established notions of what it means to be Black and enrich our understanding of the multiplicity inherent in the Black experience across the world.

Race Beyond Borders

Proximal Blackness: Race Beyond Borders Season 2 FinaleProximal Blackness: Race Beyond Borders Season 2 Finale

In the Season 2 finale of Race Beyond Borders, outgoing host Sebabatso Manoeli-Lesame and incoming host Nigel Richard reflect on some of the critical questions raised this season. This lively conversation, which at times feels like a dance, invites listeners to look back on the season’s sonic safari that was launched in Italy, where Black Italians grapple with what to call themselves, and landed in Oceania, where liberation struggles actively engaged with Black internationalism in their battles against European colonial rule.

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