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The Future of Blackness

Nigel Richard, host of season 3 of Race Beyond Borders, talks with Black futurists Geci Karuri-Sebina and Rasheedah Phillips about the practice of futures thinking.

Season 3, Prequel


On season 3 of Race Beyond Borders, we explore the ideas, people, and places shaping the futures of Blackness. Each episode examines the forces that mould how Blackness and race might be lived, spoken of, and wielded in the future. For example: How will the rise of China, Nigeria, and Korea reshape global racial hierarchies? How will demographic shifts in the UK alter the landscape of racial politics? How will racial identity continue to be shaped by online communities?

Throughout the season, we will draw on voices from around the world, including artists, futurists, community organisers, young people, academics and other thinkers to harvest insights about a range of possible futures and what it means to be Black in the world today. By pursuing race beyond the border of the present moment, this season will raise new questions about what it means to be Black in the world today and tomorrow.

Prequel Episode 
Amid the many ongoing challenges of our world, it can be difficult to think about the future—especially the future of a concept as complex as Planetary Blackness. So, to kick off the season, I talk with two Black futurists, Geci Karuri-Sebina and Rasheedah Phillips, about how to do futures work.

Our conversation spans the politics of time, what it means to be literate in the future, and how these tools can be applied to exploring the future of Blackness and race. 

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