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Young Africa

Already the world's youngest continent with the majority of its population under the age of 25, Africa is projected to account for 42 per cent of the global youth population by 2030.

On the latest episode of Race Beyond Borders, I explore what these striking trends could mean for the future trajectories of race and Blackness. 

In conversation with me are three young people from Kenya, Tunisia and South Africa. They're students at the groundbreaking African Leadership Academy and they draw from their personal and national histories to chart the future of Blackness.

I find listening to young people is like listening to the future, and I wanted to hear what these young Africans are making of race today and into the future. In doing so, we quickly uncover the complex ways they are making sense of race.

The episode also features my conversation with Mariama Mohamed Cisse of the International Organization for Migration. Mariama describes the rapid increase in migration within the African continent, a trend that will undoubtedly impact its growing youth population and ultimately shape how Blackness is understood in the future.

Click to listen to the episode.

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