Issue 04. Spotlight

Proximal Blackness: Race Beyond Borders Season 2 Finale

In the Season 2 finale of Race Beyond Borders, Sebabatso Manoeli-Lesame and Nigel Richard reflect on the critical questions raised throughout the season.

Season 2, Episode 7


In the Season 2 finale of Race Beyond Borders, outgoing host Sebabatso Manoeli-Lesame and incoming host Nigel Richard reflect on some of the critical questions raised this season. This lively conversation, which at times feels like a dance, invites listeners to look back on the season’s sonic safari that was launched in Italy, where Black Italians grapple with what to call themselves, and landed in Oceania, where liberation struggles actively engaged with Black internationalism in their battles against European colonial rule. In this final episode, Nigel shares some of his experiences as a biracial American, navigating different political terrains, and teases what we can expect from Season 3.

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