Lebo Thoka

South Africa

Lebo is a South African visual artist. She studied at the Open Window Institute, where she graduated cum laude with a BA in visual communication. Lebo combines textile (burlap and wool) and photography in her work, exploring feminist politics, African spirituality, the nature of existence, and the relation between the self and one's own environment. Her artistic practice is influenced by her observations of the ways people connect, how society works, the destructive and constructive aspects of human nature, the people who take it upon themselves to liberate others where there is oppression, and the internal and external struggles of being human.

Lebo’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including the 2018 Addis Foto Fest in Ethiopia, the 2021 The Royal Photographic Society International Photography Exhibition, and the PhotoVogue Festival 2022. She was also shortlisted for the 2019 Contemporary African Photography Prize, and was a recipient of PH Museum’s New Generation Prize and the Womxn to Watch Award from META foundation and End Street Studios in Johannesburg.

Work from this contributor


Black of My Flesh (2020)Black of My Flesh (2020)

Casting the figure of Mary as a Black woman, Lebo Thoka attempts to subvert Eurocentric ideals and explore Black womanhood on its own terms.

By Lebo Thoka

South Africa

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