Tanzeem Razak

South Africa

Tanzeem is the director and founding partner of the award-winning architectural practice LEMONPebble Architects and Urban Designers in Johannesburg, South Africa. Holding extensive experience in research and academic, she is a passionate advocate for spatial transformation in South African cities and using collaborative processes in areas of limited resources. She leads a creative team that works on public buildings and housing within the post-apartheid urban context, seeking to critically engage hidden narratives within contested landscapes. Social regeneration is the underlying theme of her writing and built work.

Tanzeem has extensive experience in academia, having examined, taught, lectured, and been keynote speaker at major institutions in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. Her research exploring spatial inequality in the post-apartheid context has also been included in local and international publications, including the book Landwalks: Across Palestine and South Africa (2022).

Tanzeem is a 2022 Atlantic Fellow for Racial Equity and is now a Global Atlantic Fellow. She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and a master’s in urban design in human settlements from the Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium.

Work from this contributor


Drawing Memory into Being (2023)Drawing Memory into Being (2023)

Amid fading memories and enduring legacies of apartheid-era forced removals, this installation seeks to reclaim agency through memory.

By Tanzeem Razak and Nabeel Essa

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